About WaveTalkers

At WaveTalkers, our mission is to help you learn to become a more effective communicator in any medium.

We craft our content and courses to be easy to follow, fast to learn from, and of exceptional quality. Our Premium Courses are all video based courses that you can work through at your own pace.

WaveTalkers began as a way to help Ham Radio Operators obtain and upgrade their FCC issued Amateur Radio License. We are expanding our ham radio related content to cover additional topics such as emergency communications, digital operations, portable operating and much more.

WaveTalkers is also expanding our content offerings into additional areas of communications. Here we will offer content to help you improve your communication effectiveness skills with video, images, audio, web design, and additional instructional media.

Please consider supporting WaveTalkers by using the Buy Me A Coffee link available on every page of the site. Your support will help us cover the cost of maintaining the site and creating new content.

We are excited to help you on your journey to becoming a more effective communicator.

Chris Mattia - W6AH
Founder of WaveTalkers

Thank You Glenn

Tribute to Glenn Mohler, AB3TQ – SK