Glenn Mohler, AB3TQ - SK

1955 – 2019

I met Glenn Mohler, AB3TQ, when he was the first person to respond to the initial Wave Talkers launch announcement post on QRZ. Glenn was a detail oriented person who quickly pointed out several bugs in the initial version of the site. Over the next few days we exchanged multiple emails as he would identify bugs and I’d clear them up.

Glenn took it upon himself to begin reviewing each and every page on the site for the Technician, General, and Amateur Extra pools. He identified typos, duplicate or missing questions, verified the accuracy of every single question, took each of the tests more times than I could count to ensure the proper mix of questions were being pulled from each topic, and much more.

As I began producing audio and video based content to accompany the site, Glenn reviewed each file and sent me copious feedback on my pronunciation, delivery, and on the overall accuracy of each prototype.

We spent many hours on the phone and exchanged dozens of emails over the first few months following the launch, discussing the site and talking through improvements and revisions. Glenn was heavily involved with question review for the VEC Question Pools and knew the pools inside and out. Glenn instantly became the first Elmer of the site to help guide me through the intricacies of the VEC, the question pools and helped improve the overall accuracy and precision of Wave Talkers.

When last I spoke with Glenn he was working his way through the new 2019 General Pool. I sent email updates to Glenn as I worked on getting the new General Pool section of the site together but wasn’t getting responses back from him. Over the past few weeks I’ve reached out to him multiple times, but again have not gotten a response. This morning I began searching online for him and discovered that he passed away at home unexpectedly on March 4th, 2019.

Thank you Glenn for your friendship, help, and guidance in getting Wave Talkers on the air.

73 my friend, W6AH