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Which of the following is an advantage when using single sideband, as compared to other analog voice modes on the HF amateur bands?

Very high fidelity voice modulation
Less subject to interference from atmospheric static crashes
Ease of tuning on receive and immunity to impulse noise
Less bandwidth used and greater power efficiency


What precaution should you take if you install an indoor transmitting antenna?

Locate the antenna close to your operating position to minimize feed-line radiation
Position the antenna along the edge of a wall to reduce parasitic radiation
Make sure that MPE limits are not exceeded in occupied areas
Make sure the antenna is properly shielded


What must be done before using a new digital protocol on the air?

Type-certify equipment to FCC standards
Obtain an experimental license from the FCC
Publicly document the technical characteristics of the protocol
Submit a rule-making proposal to the FCC describing the codes and methods of the technique


Why are HF scatter signals in the skip zone usually weak?

Only a small part of the signal energy is scattered into the skip zone
Signals are scattered from the magnetosphere, which is not a good reflector
Propagation is through ground waves, which absorb most of the signal energy
Propagation is through ducts in the F region, which absorb most of the energy


What is the voluntary band plan restriction for U.S. stations transmitting within the 48 contiguous states in the 50.1 to 50.125 MHz band segment?

Only contacts with stations not within the 48 contiguous states
Only contacts with other stations within the 48 contiguous states
Only digital contacts
Only SSTV contacts


Which of the following would reduce RF interference caused by common-mode current on an audio cable?

Placing a ferrite choke around the cable
Adding series capacitors to the conductors
Adding shunt inductors to the conductors
Adding an additional insulating jacket to the cable


What reading on the plate current meter of a vacuum tube RF power amplifier indicates correct adjustment of the plate tuning control?

A pronounced peak
A pronounced dip
No change will be observed
A slow, rhythmic oscillation


Which wire or wires in a four-conductor connection should be attached to fuses or circuit breakers in a device operated from a 240 VAC single phase source?

Only the two wires carrying voltage
Only the neutral wire
Only the ground wire
All wires


Which of the following most limits an HF mobile installation?

Picket fencing
The wire gauge of the DC power line to the transceiver
Efficiency of the electrically short antenna
FCC rules limiting mobile output power on the 75-meter band


Which of the following are objectives of the Volunteer Monitoring Program?

To conduct efficient and orderly amateur licensing examinations
To encourage amateur radio operators to self-regulate and comply with the rules
To coordinate repeaters for efficient and orderly spectrum usage
To provide emergency and public safety communications


On what HF frequencies are automatically controlled beacons permitted?

On any frequency if power is less than 1 watt
On any frequency if transmissions are in Morse code
21.08 MHz to 21.09 MHz
28.20 MHz to 28.30 MHz


How does a signal that reads 20 dB over S9 compare to one that reads S9 on a receiver, assuming a properly calibrated S meter?

It is 10 times less powerful
It is 20 times less powerful
It is 20 times more powerful
It is 100 times more powerful


What is the peak-to-peak voltage of a sine wave with an RMS voltage of 120.0 volts?

84.8 volts
169.7 volts
240.0 volts
339.4 volts


What part of a packet radio frame contains the routing and handling information?



What is an advantage of using I and Q signals in software-defined radios (SDRs)?

The need for high resolution analog-to-digital converters is eliminated
All types of modulation can be created with appropriate processing
Minimum detectible signal level is reduced
Converting the signal from digital to analog creates mixing products


Why is it important to know the duty cycle of the mode you are using when transmitting?

To aid in tuning your transmitter
Some modes have high duty cycles that could exceed the transmitter's average power rating
To allow time for the other station to break in during a transmission
The attenuator will have to be adjusted accordingly


What is the turns ratio of a transformer used to match an audio amplifier having 600 ohm output impedance to a speaker having 4 ohm impedance?

12.2 to 1
24.4 to 1
150 to 1
300 to 1


What is a reliable way to determine if the MUF is high enough to support skip propagation between your station and a distant location on frequencies between 14 and 30 MHz?

Listen for signals from an international beacon in the frequency range you plan to use
Send a series of dots on the band and listen for echoes from your signal
Check the strength of TV signals from western Europe
Check the strength of signals in the MF AM broadcast band


What is meant by the term "flat-topping," when referring to a single sideband phone transmission?

Signal distortion caused by insufficient collector current
The transmitter's automatic level control (ALC) is properly adjusted
Signal distortion caused by excessive drive
The transmitter's carrier is properly suppressed


Which of the following is the best instrument to use when checking the keying waveform of a CW transmitter?

An oscilloscope
A field strength meter
A sidetone monitor
A wavemeter


How does antenna gain stated in dBi compare to gain stated in dBd for the same antenna?

dBi gain figures are 2.15 dB lower than dBd gain figures
dBi gain figures are 2.15 dB higher than dBd gain figures
dBi gain figures are the same as the square root of dBd gain figures multiplied by 2.15
dBi gain figures are the reciprocal of dBd gain figures + 2.15 dB


How do you join a contact between two stations using the PACTOR protocol?

Send broadcast packets containing your call sign while in MONITOR mode
Transmit a steady carrier until the PACTOR protocol times out and disconnects
Joining an existing contact is not possible, PACTOR connections are limited to two stations
Send a NAK response continuously so that the sending station must stand by


How does the feed point impedance of a 1/2 wave dipole change as the feed point is moved from the center toward the ends?

It steadily increases
It steadily decreases
It peaks at about 1/8 wavelength from the end
It is unaffected by the location of the feed point


What is reactance?

Opposition to the flow of direct current caused by resistance
Opposition to the flow of alternating current caused by capacitance or inductance
A property of ideal resistors in AC circuits
A large spark produced at switch contacts when an inductor is de-energized


Which symbol in figure G7-1 represents an NPN junction transistor?

Symbol 1
Symbol 2
Symbol 7
Symbol 11
Circuit Diagram


What is the approximate junction threshold voltage of a conventional silicon diode?

0.1 volt
0.3 volts
0.7 volts
1.0 volts


What effect does a Sudden Ionospheric Disturbance have on the daytime ionospheric propagation of HF radio waves?

It enhances propagation on all HF frequencies
It disrupts signals on lower frequencies more than those on higher frequencies
It disrupts communications via satellite more than direct communications
None, because only areas on the night side of the Earth are affected


On which of the following bands is image transmission prohibited?

160 meters
30 meters
20 meters
12 meters


In what part of the 13-centimeter band may an amateur station communicate with non-licensed Wi-Fi stations?

Anywhere in the band
Channels 1 through 4
Channels 42 through 45
No part


Which of the following criteria must be met for a non-U.S. citizen to be an accredited Volunteer Examiner?

The person must be a resident of the U.S. for a minimum of 5 years
The person must hold an FCC granted Amateur Radio license of General class or above
The person's home citizenship must be in ITU region 2
None of these choices is correct; a non-U.S. citizen cannot be a Volunteer Examiner


What determines the performance of a ferrite core at different frequencies?

Its conductivity
Its thickness
The composition, or "mix," of materials used
The ratio of outer diameter to inner diameter


When sending CW, what does a "C" mean when added to the RST report?

Chirpy or unstable signal
Report was read from an S meter rather than estimated
100 percent copy
Key clicks


What must be done to prevent standing waves on an antenna feed line?

The antenna feed point must be at DC ground potential
The feed line must be cut to a length equal to an odd number of electrical quarter wavelengths
The feed line must be cut to a length equal to an even number of physical half wavelengths
The antenna feed point impedance must be matched to the characteristic impedance of the feed line


In which direction is the maximum radiation from a portable VHF/UHF "halo" antenna?

Broadside to the plane of the halo
Opposite the feed point
Omnidirectional in the plane of the halo
Toward the halo's supporting mast


What determines the frequency of an LC oscillator?

The number of stages in the counter
The number of stages in the divider
The inductance and capacitance in the tank circuit
The time delay of the lag circuit