Technician Class Practice Test

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What is the formula used to calculate electrical power in a DC circuit?

Power (P) equals voltage (E) multiplied by current (I)
Power (P) equals voltage (E) divided by current (I)
Power (P) equals voltage (E) minus current (I)
Power (P) equals voltage (E) plus current (I)


Which of the following is the most common cause for failure of coaxial cables?

Moisture contamination
Gamma rays
The velocity factor exceeds 1.0


Which of the following could be the primary gain-producing component in an RF power amplifier?



What band is best suited for communicating via meteor scatter?

10 meter band
6 meter band
2 meter band
70 centimeter band


Except for some specific restrictions, what is the maximum peak envelope power output for Technician class operators using frequencies above 30 MHz?

50 watts
100 watts
500 watts
1500 watts


With which countries are FCC-licensed amateur radio stations prohibited from exchanging communications?

Any country whose administration has notified the International Telecommunications Union (ITU) that it objects to such communications
Any country whose administration has notified the American Radio Relay League (ARRL) that it objects to such communications
Any country engaged in hostilities with another country
Any country in violation of the War Powers Act of 1934


How much voltage does a mobile transceiver typically require?

About 12 volts
About 30 volts
About 120 volts
About 240 volts


Which agency regulates and enforces the rules for the Amateur Radio Service in the United States?

Homeland Security
All of these choices are correct


Under what circumstances is it safe to climb a tower without a helper or observer?

When no electrical work is being performed
When no mechanical work is being performed
When the work being done is not more than 20 feet above the ground


Why is it unwise to install a 20-ampere fuse in the place of a 5-ampere fuse?

The larger fuse would be likely to blow because it is rated for higher current
The power supply ripple would greatly increase
Excessive current could cause a fire
All of these choices are correct


What is probably happening when an ohmmeter, connected across an unpowered circuit, initially indicates a low resistance and then shows increasing resistance with time?

The ohmmeter is defective
The circuit contains a large capacitor
The circuit contains a large inductor
The circuit is a relaxation oscillator


Which of the following is a resonant or tuned circuit?

An inductor and a capacitor connected in series or parallel to form a filter
A type of voltage regulator
A resistor circuit used for reducing standing wave ratio
A circuit designed to provide high-fidelity audio


Which of the following is a likely cause of irregular fading of signals received by ionospheric reflection?

Frequency shift due to Faraday rotation
Interference from thunderstorms
Random combining of signals arriving via different paths
Intermodulation distortion


Which of the following is good procedure when contacting another station in a radio contest?

Sign only the last two letters of your call if there are many other stations calling
Contact the station twice to be sure that you are in his log
Send only the minimum information needed for proper identification and the contest exchange
All of these choices are correct


From which of the following locations may an FCC-licensed amateur station transmit?

From within any country that belongs to the International Telecommunications Union
From within any country that is a member of the United Nations
From anywhere within International Telecommunications Union (ITU) Regions 2 and 3
From any vessel or craft located in international waters and documented or registered in the United States


What is the purpose of the squelch control on a transceiver?

To set the highest level of volume desired
To set the transmitter power level
To adjust the automatic gain control
To mute receiver output noise when no signal is being received


What is a "talk group" on a DMR digital repeater?

A group of operators sharing common interests
A way for groups of users to share a channel at different times without being heard by other users on the channel
A protocol that increases the signal-to-noise ratio when multiple repeaters are linked together
A net that meets at a particular time


Which of the following is an accepted practice to get the immediate attention of a net control station when reporting an emergency?

Repeat "SOS" three times followed by the call sign of the reporting station
Press the push-to-talk button three times
Begin your transmission by saying "Priority" or "Emergency" followed by your call sign
Play a pre-recorded emergency alert tone followed by your call sign


What is a common repeater frequency offset in the 70 cm band?

Plus or minus 5 MHz
Plus or minus 600 kHz
Plus or minus 500 kHz
Plus or minus 1 MHz


How many milliamperes is 1.5 amperes?

15 milliamperes
150 milliamperes
1500 milliamperes
15,000 milliamperes


Which sideband is normally used for 10 meter HF, VHF, and UHF single-sideband communications?

Upper sideband
Lower sideband
Suppressed sideband
Inverted sideband


What device converts the RF input and output of a transceiver to another band?

High-pass filter
Low-pass filter
Phase converter


What is the approximate velocity of a radio wave as it travels through free space?

150,000 kilometers per second
300,000,000 meters per second
300,000,000 miles per hour
150,000 miles per hour


What type of antennas are the quad, Yagi, and dish?

Non-resonant antennas
Log periodic antennas
Directional antennas
Isotropic antennas


What is the resistance of a circuit that draws 4 amperes from a 12-volt source?

3 ohms
16 ohms
48 ohms
8 ohms


What type of amateur station simultaneously retransmits the signal of another amateur station on a different channel or channels?

Beacon station
Earth station
Repeater station
Message forwarding station


Which of the following is a digital communications mode?

Packet radio
IEEE 802.11
All of these choices are correct


Which of the following is true of remote control operation?

The control operator must be at the control point
A control operator is required at all times
The control operator indirectly manipulates the controls
All of these choices are correct


Which of the following can cause radio frequency interference?

Fundamental overload
Spurious emissions
All of these choices are correct


Which of the following frequencies has the lowest value for Maximum Permissible Exposure limit?

3.5 MHz
50 MHz
440 MHz
1296 MHz


What is component 3 in figure T3?

Variable capacitor
Variable inductor
Circuit Diagram


Which of the following is true of PL-259 type coax connectors?

They are preferred for microwave operation
They are watertight
They are commonly used at HF frequencies
They are a bayonet type connector


What type of electrical component stores energy in a magnetic field?



What causes spin fading of satellite signals?

Circular polarized noise interference radiated from the sun
Rotation of the satellite and its antennas
Doppler shift of the received signal
Interfering signals within the satellite uplink band


Where should the negative return connection of a mobile transceiver's power cable be connected?

At the battery or engine block ground strap
At the antenna mount
To any metal part of the vehicle
Through the transceiver's mounting bracket